‘Wheat’ that is product of a serial of effort and great effort of farmers when it arrives to Arslanoglu and sample is taken that means beginning of a newest period.
Success of the farmer, power taken from soil and conformity to Arslanoglu Quality Criteria at the laboratories is applied extremely comprehensive and precious quality auditing circle.

Wheat that passes the exam and was approved by our auditors are taken into foreign material screening equipment after applying pre-cleaning and stored in silos with different types and classes.

After a short staying in dry wheat silos, the wheat is applied a serial of cleaning processes as to be separated from foreign materials. Those processes can be aligned as waste purifier (spica, stemlet, split wheat), stone separator (stone, heavy materials separation from wheat), trieur (hayseed and small materials separation from wheat, split wheat), air channels (particle lighter than wheat). Now, the wheat that was checked at each process preciously separated considerably from foreign materials.
Peeling equipments separates the wheat from its exterior cover that interacts with environment at the last phase of cleaning.
After quenching process to wheat of which cover is peeled is rested in the silos for a determined resting period to make rehabilitee milling features. Water of rested wheat is absorbed and do cleaner, more comfortable and quality milling is performed.
During transfer process that is the second phase of conditioning wheat is taken into again waste purifier, stone separator, trieur, air channels and final controls are applied then it is carried into another silo after regulating its humidity. Wheat that is rested for a determined period is ready for milling process.
Milling process should be in a determined conditioning in suitable humidity level to get quality flour.
The source of product suitable for aim is suitable and right raw material. Right and sensitively blending different kinds of wheat process is performed for continuation of standard product and object of produced flour. Decision of blending rate is taken from Quality Control Laboratories and so sensitivity and correctness control is applied.
In fact, long and tiring travel of wheat is not expired but new begun.

Milling process is performed after serial processes at the system composing roller, sieve, semolina purifier and pneumatic transfer groups.
Crushed wheat at the rollers are carried to sieves via pneumatic group; sieves classify and send wheat according to their kinds.
Semolina purifiers classify the semolina taken from sieves and then send to concern rollers.
Again, rollers have to transfer processed wheat to various sieves in the frame of determined address to operate the system.
Within this system, a wheat granule is carried up-down in the plant hundreds times and applied those processes and passes over hundreds meters of sieves and then becomes flour. The driver of the system is pneumatic and ways of the systems are pipes. Carrying crushed particle of wheat is performed within closed continuing system composed by stainless chrome nickel pipes to provide hygienic and safe carrying process. Now, end of long travel becomes near and wheat turned into flour.
A series of careful and comprehensive analyses are performed on the flour samples taken within certain periods to avoid deviation of the product from standard baseline. The products are stored in suitable silos until packaging phase.
The flour rested in silos comes to packaging phase. After a final sieving procedure on flour control sieve, flour is packed by automatic weighers sensitively and safely. The packed products wait for shipping day on the pellets safely.
The joruney in Arslanoglu ends.
The journey actually continues until the moment that doughs shaped and baked by experienced hands and tasted… Respect of our people to the bread and dough comes from dignity of the wheat and ancestors. When we see a piece of bread on the floor, we kiss it and put it on our head.

Arslanoglu Flour Industry and Trade Corp has the honour and pleasure to provide wheat processing services through a process from the effort from the field to putting a cake on a plate, a bread onto the table and a desert after meal.