ARSLANBIR • Pastry Flour

It is used for production of pastery products and bakery products of all types such as cakes, pies, croissant, puff dough as well as stone oven bread, luxury french roll.
Original flavour and natural odor are preferred.
You may notice original color and appearance


Structure Characteristics
• High water enduration capacity and obtaining more products due to this characteristics
• High oil-water emulsion and higher volume and bright products due to this characteristics
• High and stable essence, longer durability, excellent results in classical oven
• Regular homogenous pore
• Optimum elasticity and resistance, easy processibility and standard product generation
• Pleasent odor, aroma and natural appearance of Anatolian red-hard and semi-hard wheat reflects to the product.
Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Humidity : 14,5 max
Protein : 10,5 min
Cinder in the dry Substance : 0,55 max
Wet Essence : 28 min
Index : 70 min
Sedimentation : 37 min
Retarded Sedimentation : 45 min
Resistance : 600 min
Elasticity : 150 min
• The sacs should be stored on a mesh with a height of 10 cm in cool and dry places
• The flour should be sieved before use
• Sufficient water is given and the dough should be well-kneaded.
• The dough should be rested under 65% relative humidity and 30-35°C temperature
• No air circulation is allowed in the production site