ARSLANOGLU • Flour for Shredded Wheat Desserts

Used for production of shredded wheat.
Original flavour ad natural odor are preferred.
You may notice the naturality by original color and apperance
* No additives


Structure Characteristics
• Easy flow by low water endurance, high viscosity
• Easy processibility during production
• Natural color after baking
• Long stability under suitable conditions
• Standard product generation
• Easy baking and energy saving by easy water releasing
Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Humidity : 14,5max
Protein : 9,0min
Cinder in the dry Substance : 0,55max
Wet Essence : 22 max
Index : 80 min
Sedimentation : 37min
The sacs should be stored on a mesh with a height of 10 cm in cool and dry places
The flour should be sieved before use
Temperature of the dough should not be under 22°C
Because the high water activity in the watery shredded flour has risk of insineration, the product should be consumed on daily basis; if longer shelf life is desired, protective agents according to the current regulation or vacuum application should be performed.
No air circulation should be allowed during resting on air after production. The dough should be rested under 65% relative humidity and 20-25°C temperature