It is used to produce rye bread and rye flour bakery products.
Flavour-Odor: Original flavour and aroma
Color-Apperance: original dark color and appearance


Structure Characteristics
• High water endurance capacity
• Since the rye is mixed with the strongest Anatolian red weath which has protein and quality ingredient to provide the softening of rye, optimum leavening, homogenous pore structure and color
• Easy processibility
• Homogenous mixture and homogenous particle massiveness through milling wheat and rye in the same milling line
Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Humidity : 14,5 max
Protein : 10,5 min
Cinder in the dry Substance : 1,5 min
• The sacs should be stored on a mesh with a height of 10 cm in cool and dry places
• The flour should be sieved before use
• Temperature of the dough should not be under 22°C, the temperature should be balanced at 22°C by hot water during winter and cold water during summer.
• Sufficient water is given and the dough should be well-kneaded.
• No air circulation is allowed in the production site