TEKARSLAN • Phyllo Flour

It is used for production of all pastry and phyllo types.
Original flavour and natural odor are preferred.
You may notice original color and appearance


Structure Characteristics
• High water enduration capacity and obtaining more products due to this characteristics
• Easy sheeting and tearing resistance
• Not drying during sheeting
• Phyllo is boiled easily without tearing
• No folding on the edges during baking
• Retaining brightness and freshness under suitable conditions
Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Humidity : 14,5 max
Protein : 12,0 min
Cinder in the dry Substance : 0,55 max
Wet Essence : 23 min
Index : 70 min
Sedimentation : 39 min
Retarded Sedimentation : 49 min
Resistance : 350 min
Elasticity : 160 min
• The sacs should be stored on a mesh with a height of 10 cm in cool and dry places
• The flour should be sieved before use
• Sufficient water is given and the dough should be well-kneaded.
• The dough should be rested enough for easy phyllo sheeting
• The sparkle flour used should be selected carefully (Arslanoglu Sprakle Flour is recommended)
• Although salt is a protective agent, it should not be used much because it affects dough resistance and elasticity negatively
• If longer shelf life is desired, the products should be packed in vacuum bags or additives which comply with the current regulations may be added into the water sprayed onto the phyllos.
• No air circulation is allowed in the production site